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In Sing the Sun Up , 20 writers present new and exciting ways to motivate students to write imaginatively, inspired by African American poetry, prose, and drama. Teachers of English literature, creative writing, and Black studies will find this book to be an invaluable source for writing ideas and lessons. Compiled by Jack Collom. You might think that an anthology of poems about poetry could not be fascinating—until you read this one.

A Slow Flash of Light was assembled by poet-teacher Jack Collom, who over a year period gave his students surprising and inspiring ways to write poems about poetry. By Margot Fortunato Galt pp. The Story in History gives teachers and students of all levels an entirely new way to learn about American history: by re-experiencing it from the vantage point of the imaginative writer. Paul Pioneer Press. By Michael Theune pp. By Walter Dean Myers pp. Sweet Illusions is unusual. It can be used in two different ways.

Students can read it as they read any narrative, or they can help to create the story. Walter Dean Myers, the well-known author of many young adult novels, presents a story of young people facing the problem of teenage pregnancy. As an additional twist, the reader is given a writing idea for extending each chapter. This is an inspiring collection for anyone who teaches American literature or imaginative writing—or who is passionate about either.

This book emphasizes writing as a means for students to learn about Douglass, his times, and his legacy, as well as about themselves. Edited by Ron Padgett pp. Fifteen poets have created this first and only guide to teaching Walt Whitman from kindergarten to the college level. The book features fresh ways to read Whitman and to write poetry and prose inspired by his model. Also included are 3 pieces on education by Whitman and a discussion of Whitman as teacher.

Edited by Gary Lenhart pp. The guide also includes a comprehensive essay about Williams audiocassettes and videotapes, and an annotated bibliography. By Karen Hubert pp. Popular fiction can play an instrumental role in the classroom. This fascinating guide provides ways to help K students write using the popular literature they know and love.

Even a beginning teacher will be able to use the genre approach with this book. The 20 essays in Third Mind—by teachers, poets, writers, artists, and museum educators—provide ideas on a diverse array of artistic disciplines, among them, quilt-making, Chinese calligraphy, abstract painting, and photographic portraiture. The collection also features 18 gorgeous color plates and an extensive bibliography of works on visual art and creative writing. Brimming with progressive and sometimes radical ideas on schooling, Tolstoy undertook to teach the peasant children many subjects—including imaginative writing—and published a number of essays about what he learned.

This is a book for anyone who cares about education, children, the imagination, and Tolstoy. By Daniel Kane pp. By Patsy Cooper, pp. Patsy Cooper offers preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, daycare workers, and parents a wonderful and natural way to help young children begin to read and write: placing stories at the very core of the early childhood curriculum. The book includes an in-depth discussion of the crucial pedagogical and developmental roles that stories can play in early childhood, as well as a practical guide to having children tell their own stories and perform them with their classmates.

By Alan Ziegler pp. In The Writing Workshop , Alan Ziegler offers teachers and aspiring writers strategies for developing constructive workshop environments. Useful, even indispensable, at every grade level, for teaching writing. Volume 2 offers a compendium of writing assignments, with advice on presentation and variations. Books Home Resources Books. Edited By Matthew Burgess pp. Grades: kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school.

Buy on Amazon By Meredith Sue Willis revised second edition pp. Compiled by Jack Collom eBook edition You might think that an anthology of poems about poetry could not be fascinating—until you read this one. Grades: nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school. Our journey here has been breathtaking in its obstacles and yet I feel we have done well.

As well as any people could. I feel great pride in us. As I see it, all any black people have asked for is a fair and equal playing field. Which is what Coates, I believe, is saying. Given that, we are delighted to be on our own. We tend to get so happy, even briefly experiencing this, that we readily invite white people, and others, to join us. I cherish our heart. It is like a wild rose that, crushed, gives off perfume. Please, American drinkers of milk and lovers of kefir, look into this! Many were burned to the ground. Or did at that time. They were there, and they were suffering for being Palestinians, followers and descendants of Jesus, a Palestinian.

I had not seen this program before. As well it is instructive of how we are routinely robbed of housing. We have lost a great writer whose extraordinary novels leave an indelible imprint on the consciousness of all who read them. What a force her thoughts have been and how grateful we must be that they were offered to us in this extremely challenging age. We met beneath a framed photograph of Bessie Smith, who lived her life because it was hers. All for one, and one for all. So may it always be. Thank you, and blessings to the sweet people of Eatonton, Georgia, from around the country, and around the world, who showed up in loving ways for this amazing celebration.

Let it be known far and wide that we have- together, this time- begun the dance of Life again. A worthwhile intervention… and funny too! Or, My Troubling Nightstand. Dipping into them when you are actually done, or so you thought, and are already reading something else. Who was Steve Jobs, really? How much of an Earthling was he? Why was he such a cruel parent to this marvelous writer and exacting memorialist? And what of her mother, Chrisann Brennan, disdained by her daughter while growing up, for being something I had thought wonderful: a stone hippie, a state of being that I considered evolution for white people.

It is such a fine book! And, in fact, I can see in it some parts of why my daughter was reading it, and left it in my house. And what of the heart-shocked parents? Usually worried, overworked, lonely, and scared. And so on! Many, many stars. A true rags to riches tale of a princess whom her sorely misguided first husband, Ike Turner, took to be a drudge. It will not take defeat as conclusive; it will never resist the urge to fly — if only on a rope over a stream that to others seems a bit too wide.

I love the spirit of this woman. Is it showing us where the African, the Indigenous, the European contributions to soul meet and merge? I imagine spirits mingle as bloods do. In any case, a book to read on a long plane ride, or during a week of solitude in the country, or while sitting beside someone who is leisurely leaving this reality in a hospital.

Happy Summer Solstice! Source: Art and design The Guardian 13 Jun Most of us know there is something terribly wrong with the world. We learn this early from such troublesome issues as not having a decent pair of shoes, or a satisfying meal. Or parents and community too stressed to give us the attention we need to grow as us, rather than as some throw-a-way character on television or in movies. How he got it, I had no idea. It was a given. So to speak. This has made it a challenge, not just for me, but for many people in the world, to see beyond the facade. I needed to find white men who were speaking from their deepest hearts, divulging their deepest truths.

I see this as essential work for the planet to transform, perhaps even to heal. I was especially instructed by Spirit to speak to young white men, to whom the world must seem — to some of them, the most intuitive and thoughtful — a huge burden they have inherited without sufficient guidance to know which way to go.

Older white men, who should be of help, being too often self-blinded by fear, and escapism in its many forms. I am deeply moved by this tribunal of apparently regular folks trying, on their own, to bring their suffering and their healing to the light on an artificially en-darkened planet. And by doing so letting themselves be seen in a nakedness that we have rarely, if ever, seen before. This candid recounting of his life by former Dutch banker Roland Bernard is a huge gift to our understanding of some of the deep-seated trauma that undergirds much of the cruelty and injustice in the world; also the fear and indifference.

Then, there is the light in his eyes, as he grinds through the horrors of his tale, and we see that most precious of sights: a human being reclaiming his soul; and his right to happiness. Thus in all his transactions the superior man. Our Daughters Rising. Which favors the fate of superior men So overwhelmingly, I am reminded of eons past When women had no say That was not ridiculed Or silenced, And I wonder why I still Cling to it.

It is also a record of the problem. This moment Here. Right now. With you. Where is your yesterday? Where is your tomorrow? Gone and not yet. Of studious bliss, Considering the past And its ignorant errors; Imagining the future That is not yet. Is so… delicious. Only a seasoned time traveller Would think to think like that. Anticipating the future can be fun Not merely dreadful.

How happy I am this very moment -and who can anticipate how long this moment will last? Nuestras hijas se levantan. O en la hamaca con el I Ching. Women of feeling and courage work to get there. Banned premieres in London and L. But the people found a way! Mumia proves we have NO excuse! To bless is to help. HELPED are those who love the entire cosmos rather than their own tiny country, city, or farm, for to them will be shown the unbroken web of life and the meaning of infinity.

HELPED are those who live in quietness, knowing neither brand name nor fad; they shall live every day as if in eternity, and each moment shall be as full as it is long. HELPED are those who love others unsplit off from their faults; to them will be given clarity of vision. HELPED are those who love the Earth, their mother, and who willingly suffer that she may not die; in their grief over her pain they will weep rivers of blood, and in their joy in her lively response to love, they will converse with trees.

HELPED are those whose every act is a prayer for harmony in the Universe, for they are the restorers of balance to our planet. To them will be given the insight that every good act done anywhere in the cosmos welcomes the life of an animal or a child. HELPED are those who strive to give up their anger; their reward will be that in any confrontation their first thoughts will never be of violence or of war.

It will be in their power, therefore, to envision the new Earth. HELPED are those who love all the colors of all the human beings, as they love all the colors of the animals and plants; none of their children, nor any of their ancestors, nor any parts of themselves, shall be hidden from them. HELPED are those who love the lesbian, the gay, and the straight, as they love the sun, the moon, and the stars.

None of their children, nor any of their ancestors, nor any parts of themselves, shall be hidden from them. HELPED are those who love the broken and the whole; none of their children, nor any of their ancestors, nor any parts of themselves, shall be hidden from them. HELPED are those who do not join mobs; theirs shall be the understanding that to attack in anger is to murder in confusion. HELPED are those who find the courage to do at least one small thing each day to help the existence of another—plant, animal, river, or human being.

They shall be joined by a multitude of the timid. HELPED are those who lose their fear of death; theirs is the power to envision the future in a blade of grass. HELPED are those who love and actively support the diversity of life; they shall be secure in their differences. From The Temple of My Familiar Bienaventurar es auxiliar. I would rather be loved than perfect. Learning is slow. But we are doing it.

Michael is helping us. Stand up. March After pointing out that the facts can never tell the whole story, he turns to an ancient wisdom story in which telling the truth is the only way to stop the spread of life-threatening poison. As the tale illuminates, living under falsity can poison the core of a society as well as an individual. When the poison is already spreading, the only remedy is the medicine of truth.

Quote of the Week. Magical thinking is when you believe bombing strangers makes you safe. Children of the World, Unite! It is not too late to study for the present. Which is all there ever is, anyway. New Greeting for Humanity looks old! Dear Teachers of Oakland, I am honored to have been asked to speak to you today, or, in the event, to send you a message of solidarity and support.

As many of you know, having read my work over the years hopefully! Teachers are some of my favorite people. I have a deep respect for you. A deep caring that you are treated fairly. That you are treated well. Frankly, I want you to be praised! As well as paid! To me, teachers are the most important people, next to parents, on Earth. It is you who are given responsibility to instruct our children, which means, in effect, that it is you who are given the responsibility to shape our society, our country, and our world.

For this responsibility, so unimaginably heavy, you should be given, really, anything you ask for. Especially when we see it is the war machine, more often than not, that is supported lavishly. A machine that often cuts short the very lives you have lovingly prepared to live with understanding and intelligence in this world. Know that you have sisters and brothers who stand with you, heart to heart.

We may not be beside you physically, but we are beside you in every other way. Those of us who have benefitted from the devotion and care of great teachers will always stand with, and beside you. Thanks, Jack! February 9, Gracias a la Vida! Photo by Sheherazade Tillet Maria Sabina was a curandera from the mountains above Oaxaca, Mexico. She was known for her healing prowess which had a foundation in the mushrooms that grow wild in that region.

When she was a child, fatherless, she was often hungry. One day she was so hungry the mushrooms around their hovel seemed to be bread. She ate them and had amazing visions, and, in fact, was reunited with her father, who assured her of his love, and of his deep sorrow that he was absent. She grew up knowing of the other worlds that many people now learn about through another plant actually two plants mixed together known as ayahuasca.

These plants have been demonized by some people because they let you see that ours is only one reality among infinities. January The man who sat on the ground in his tipi meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures and acknowledging unity with the universe of things, was infusing into his being the true essence of civilization. Omaha elder Nathan Phillips El Qnciano Nathan Phillips, Crop circle: Thank you for trying to talk to us. The people who torture and kill Palestinians have never studied the Talmud. It is not studied in Israeli state schools.

And no one can read it on their own. The quotes whether true or false are surely partial and do not characterize this 12 volume work thousand pages in every volume whose writing ended thousands of years ago. The Talmud is not a prescriptive book. It is an endless interpretation of the Torah, always adapting the Torah to present times so that people can live by it.

The Week in Books

Ethiopian Jews never studied it and lived by the Torah as is. In these volumes you read discussion and polemics between different sages about every tiny aspect of human life. And the discussions are brought as they happened, more or less because it was all discussed orally. Every argument that is brought is immediately countered by an opposite argument and the discussion that ensued. It is always open ended.

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In my time we learned a bit of it and I loved it, because it is Logic, like reading Plato. So in order to know what is in the Talmud — which none of the non-orthodox Israelis or Jews know — you have to read at least a whole chapter, pros and cons etc. One of the most discussed subjects in the Talmud as in the Torah is the treatment of foreigners, workers, slaves etc. Extremely human and enlightening. And again: the reason for the ruthlessness and violence towards Palestinians is not to be found in ancient writings but in Modern ones.

Auschwitz was not prescribed in any ancient scripture, neither is Israeli colonialism. Can you get my website: alicewalkersgarden. If so, please read the entire poem. I am including it here. Also, would you mind if I published your letter to help with the discussion, which seems to be, from what I hear, more about shouting. In my awakening. Long before I knew Or cared What they were. To tell the truth It has always calmed me To have them near. Too much time has passed.

I cannot be fooled. Zionist Nazis are not the Jews I know; terrorists who would and do Kill anyone and anything To get what they want:. Control over everyone. I will never be divided from my friends. No matter how bad Zionist Nazis are making Jews look. I like especially to see Jews standing firm With the same Realization I also have: That the dream of one humanity, Of one race of humankind Is being born each day In every one of us Who leave race and culture and religion Handed to us at birth behind And hold ourselves accountable today This minute To the standard of eternal Caring For the one United Tribe Of Conscious Earthlings.

I believe it can only help us evolve, if we examine our basic religious programming, whatever it is. Though students may no longer read the ancient texts: the Koran, the Bible, the Torah or Talmud, the Buddhist texts carved in stone in what used to be Burma, these teachings continue to inform human activity. I have experienced some of their effects in my own life.

In any case, as someone ignorant yes, this is true of what is in the ancient texts in their totality, I am, millions of us are, still wounded by the parts that have been inherited by word of mouth, over generations, and millennia, and are recognized as active in human behavior today. For instance: here are places we have already, to some degree, brought negative Biblical teachings up to date: Blackness is not a curse but a blessing!

Woman must not keep silent in the churches, she must speak! Perhaps being misunderstood, or risking harm to ourselves, as well as infuriating others as we go. I wish to affirm that I am not anti-anyone. I am also free enough to realize that to attempt to damage such a life would not be helpful and would in fact be a backward move. There is far more important work to be done. May we all enter the New Year peacefully, and in peace continue our journey.

Happy Solstice! The Light is Returning to a Darkened World. I do not believe he is anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish. I do believe he is brave enough to ask the questions others fear to ask, and to speak his own understanding of the truth wherever it might lead. Many attempts have been made to censor and silence him.

As a woman, and a person of color, as a writer who has been criticized and banned myself, I support his right to share his own thoughts. It is a sad day for freedom of inquiry, thought, and speech, when an attempt is made to frighten people into lying about what is on their nightstand. This, of course, will be the effect of this misguided and cowardly backlash. I say cowardly because I believe the attempt to smear David Icke, and by association, me, is really an effort to dampen the effect of our speaking out in support of the people of Palestine.

Pacifists have no option, really, but to make our resistance felt through non-compliance with injustice and brutality. The razing of crops. The taking of land. The imprisonment of poets. I read everything. I even tried once to read Mein Kampf but found it too steeped in German history to make sense. It also seemed pedantic and boring. But after hearing so much about it, I wanted to know what it said for myself. Suppose these books had been in the pile of books on my nightstand? Was I to be so fearful of what people thought that I would deny I was attempting to read them? The same is true of reading the Talmud, or the Bible, for that matter.

Some parts of both are extremely problematic, and contain programming — about how to live, think, behave — that has caused us more grief than we, poor beaten down humans, for the most part, deserve. What do I believe might save us, as humans, yet? It may sound absurd. The ignorance of many humans, especially in our country, is abysmal. Everything you see, read, or hear, has a backstory. A history. A reason. And Icke, among many others, digs around in the past to try to find out what it is.

Awareness is key and we are lucky that there are people, intelligent ones, who care enough to raise it. I say read everybody, read everything! Being mocked, called ridiculous names, and disinvited from events by people whose backbones turn to jelly the moment they realize they might be criticized for having you appear, is a small price to pay for continuing in solidarity with Ancestors who would not have you be any other way.

Summer Poetry Reading

And with all my love,. Seen many of those lately not backed up by missiles and tanks? Take it or leave it, he is offering something extremely timely and useful. A completely new and different way to understand the world. And if you love mythology, as I do, you will have a fine time seeing how a new myth, with us in it! Still, for some this will seem very far out, and way beyond the safety net of Joseph Campbell.

Or even beyond the wild tales and fables of Greek and Hindu storytellers, my favorites for many years. Ah, madness. Wonderful stuff. You know: virgin births, life after death in the same body, the making of the planet and maybe the whole universe in a week by someone who looks surprisingly like the white man oppressing you, the blackness of humans being a curse, the required obedience of slaves to their masters, the making of woman out of a rib, the silence required of this same rib-fashioned woman in any gathering of the Holy all male by definition and so on.

Keep an open mind. Change the habits, the hats, the mind-set, the conversation, by any means necessary. Whoever they are. Imagine the Greeks with none of their mythological history to succor, guide, and sometimes horrify them into consciousness. His teachings about so many things are immensely valuable.

Indeed, I have been envisioning how an entire course of study might be constructed around his wisdom. I am perhaps not the person to attempt such a course, but it is obvious to me it would benefit the planet and human and animal kind if someone did. There is a world of information this great teacher and healer offers us: from the perhaps thousands of years Africans have interacted with Space beings to this revelatory look below at the African way with ancient and contemporary Crop Circles. A gardener, I loved crop circles from the moment I was shown pictures of them. I was also moved by the spirit of the beings who made them.

To create so beautifully, so mysteriously, how cool they must be! I also resonate deeply with the traditional African sense of reciprocity and reverence with these unanticipated guests. Credo Mutwa is now 92 years old. He is in great pain, suffering from the knowledge that, as he says, his continent, Africa, is being murdered. What can we do to stop the depopulation of Africa, of Earth?

Let us begin by knowing who we have been; what has already been taken from humanity. Let us honor and love ourselves, and each other, before we go. This behavior, he said, sometimes saves lives. When attackers see they must eliminate many instead of one, sometimes not always unfortunately they think twice. We are affirmed in our humanity which is actually defined by the work we do, and have done, in the world.

50 Must-Read Fantasy Books For Kids By Age And Grade Level

This is also the way we create and maintain a different world system, one in which each of us knows we will be seen and affirmed by others who have the courage and self-respect to do so. I have defended many great souls in my life, and hope to do so many times more before I leave this reality. But I have appreciated it very much, as I see such solidarity as being what the struggle for an improved humanity is about. Or even neighbors and parents.

Here below is her piece, which appeared in Al Jazeera some months ago. Once again, thank you Susan Albulhawa. I believe with all my heart that the better world of which we dream and for which we work so hard will be accomplished by each of us showing the courage to rise to a higher, more intense, and perhaps more dangerous level of solidarity than we had presumed the struggle required. The world is in an uproar.

The danger zone is everywhere. Healing comes out of a very simple human relationship — knowing your life matters to another person, and connecting to something larger and unseen. Born to be free. What books are on your nightstand? Bombed-out, psychologically traumatized Cambodia has become a place where even children are seen as commodities and treated worse than never terrorized or subjugated humans can imagine.

Photo above by: Yolanda Padilla. Photo below by: Alice Walker. Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart …. In Community. Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart. The Mother of Trees. I have been so impressed by the black women who are at the forefront of the effort to remove the statues of Confederate soldiers from public squares and college campuses that I could be hugging on them right this minute. Instead, while clearing my summer garden of autumn trash, and checking my late corn to see if it is ripe yes, Southern black girl training: understanding that training comes before magic Spirit gave me an idea that I think we Southern black women, together, might work on.

As we know from experience, it is imperative that we remain faithful to Soul, unless we want our music to be ruined forever. The one who was a young man, sometimes only a boy, happy on his farm and fishing in his creek, who had no idea really that war existed, or what it was. Of course nobody in the South and the North as well other than the men whose aggrandizement of property and power depends on wars, knew what war really was.

A big war, that would murder hundreds of thousands, and leave stacks of amputated arms and legs and other parts in heaps wherever it tarried. I was born in Middle Georgia. Our Confederate soldier has stood in the middle of town, facing North, for as long as I can remember. That told us a lot. Recently, a friend who lives there, mentioned in passing that our county refused, as long as it could, to join the Confederacy.

Because people were happy enough as they were and saw no point. There he stood, basically ignored. Suppose he was thirteen? Sixteen, Seventeen? Suppose he had just fallen in love? Suppose he was really poor, as so many poor white folks were. Suppose there was nobody to look after his family once he was gone. It would probably have been some poor white and black folks, elders probably, who refused to let them starve, or have babies without company and assistance. Those horrid monuments to slaughter of the innocents must be placed where everyone can really look at them.

On a battlefield, is a great idea, as has been suggested. Black and white must write the truth, in stone, on the base of each one. And the ones in Richmond, Virginia, for instance, so large they tower over everything, should be right in the center. Visitors should be invited to truly comprehend all the moving parts of a war that scarred the hearts of all our people, as deeply as it scarred the beautiful Southern countryside, and to shed their blind insistence on defending a history that did not exist.

That would be so like us. Contrary, you know. Generally the space that slavery and segregation has left us in peace is our cemeteries. We might place our stone there. In its modesty — something we can afford, collectively, without a lot of stress — it can blend with the earth, which does not relish the destruction of war, either. Many years of happiness, whole lifetimes, were stolen from you; we know how this feels. May our descendants not waste their time and their lives on wars that are planned to enrich the coffers of strangers, but instead stand together against all wars and spend their time on this beautiful planet smiling, bowing to its beauty, and dancing.

Por favor lea. Oir Omarosa. When the President of the United States Calls a black woman a dog We understand he lacks the courage To say what he means: bitch. But this is where we are As a nation of cowards, As we follow a person, Who, as Omarosa warns us, Is falling over a cliff; His thumb near a button That might annihilate us all. His anger certain to be taken out On the children and their parents, Grandparents, housing and food stores, In Korea and Iran. Syria, and other places too.

As well as on black people everywhere Whose feelings he consistently ignores And hurts. Lucky for dogs They do not feel this pain. They go about their business Same as always: An eternity of kindness In their expressive eyes; Aeons of concern and helpfulness; Offerings of joy In every Age.

Dogs are the winners here On Earth I think. They know what is Apparently impossible For many humans to learn: That there exists A kind of free Goodness In the soul that gives up All pretense Of being more of or better than: A kind of free happiness In being creatures With nothing to hide. Written in defense of dogs everywhere. And of women, everywhere. Grow up. Nigger has a meaning You would have to live Lifetimes To comprehend. Niggers have at least one Honorable tradition, No matter how many Gold nooses, chains, and shackles They wear. They have never endangered a planet Or even destroyed part of one.

Most still respect children. Spelman College students studying for classes while in jail in Atlanta. Early Sixties. Marian Wright later Edelman , not reading, displays the look and posture of so many young protesters of the time: there is courage, determination, and vulnerability. Download pdf kb. Principios de los One thing you can count on :. Wonders Never Ceasing. Ah, we say to each other: there is that wisdom, that tenderness, that togetherness, that love, that kept us going for so long.

This is what it can look like today, and is, today, apparently, for some people; though infrequently exhibited on television, where a gun or a car is so often exploding. If only my parents could have watched Queen Sugar. Farmers, they would at last have seen something they and their grandparents, and their parents and grandparents before them, would have understood. Love of Earth, love of the land, along with the understanding that humans who inhabit it are responsible for its care.

They would have seen themselves, vividly depicted, in their daily, monthly, yearly, dramas. Passionate and principled people — once some of them outgrew despair and gave up drinking — they would have relished seeing themselves as whole and capable, standing together as one stalk, though spread into infinity —and with so much variety! It is a powerful gift, Queen Sugar. A wonder. And proves again that where the heart and brain are united in offering the very best that can be conceived, there too an art that encourages the people, and loves us into healthful growth, will be born.

What History can be for: Knowing when something now happening to others has also happened to you. A friend, in passing, mentioned he was reading this book. He was struck by the similarity of the suffering of poor people all over the world. I had not heard of it, but when he said it made him better understand the Irish Potato Famine of the s I realized I had wanted to understand this period better since the time, in college probably, I first learned of it.

What exactly happened? And how did this catastrophe, in which over a million poor farmers starved to death, and, while in the process of starving, were evicted from their land and homes, connect with the hundreds of thousands of Irish people who immigrated to the United States? How did their passage differ from that of other white emigrants? And how did they deal with the fact that while they were starving and dying and forced to leave Ireland because their potatoes -the primary diet -were diseased and inedible, the landowners whose potatoes were unaffected by the blight, shipped them abroad for a profit.

What did they learn from their physical, psychic, and emotional journey? Had it profoundly changed them?

Her Day: The Virgen de Guadalupe

What was Margaret Mitchell really showing us in this saga set in the deep South during the American Civil War, a mere twenty years after the Irish Potato famine. What about Robert Kennedy who learned by being shown, in the s, that black children were starving in Mississippi, in America? And wept. The Star of the Sea is the name of the ship on which the emigrants sailed.

It as book contains some of the most beautiful, intricate, deep, funny and sorrowful writing I have ever read. One photograph of the author shows someone otherworldly, as if this book though he has written many others was his assignment on being sent here. I learned more about the history of England and Ireland —and the cruelty and greed of both their upper classes -from reading this book truly amazing on Audio than I had despaired of ever knowing.

Or as a teaching on the concealed miseries of the Upper Classes who get all the toys and little of the soul. It is quite true, one realizes anew, reading this book, that the world is not divided into countries as much as into classes. A lot of energy goes into keeping this fact concealed. There are workers, in vast numbers, all over the earth, and there is the One Percent; who all seem to know each other.

I listened to it twice, for the pleasure of the writing, and grasped most threads, I hope.

Books - English Poem For Grade 3 Kids - Periwinkle

Good luck. His voice is perfect for the story. Also for napping.

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  • Enzymatic polymerization of phenolic compounds by oxidoreductases (SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science).
  • Mildred on the Marne: Mildred Aldrich, Front-line Witness 1914-1918.
  • This too seemed perfect. I recently ran across an earlier review I wrote of another book from Ireland that moved me deeply. Read together some questions from Star of the Sea are answered. Even Charles Dickens, whom we appreciate for being the voice of so many abused children, is left in the dust.

    Managing to stay alive, only just, by her own wits, in a world determined to erase her life and to make her believe, in her very soul, that she is nothing. It is a hair-raising read. That it is a best seller in Ireland and England gives me hope. Margaret Long is not being abandoned again. Still, it is so difficult a read one might ask: Why should we bother? Especially those children who, unwittingly, inherit the brutalities of colonialism, whether in Ireland, where this story is set, or the rest of the globe.

    I was amazed to feel some of the English, Irish, Scottish ancestors of both enslaved Africans and indentured Europeans in the Americas showing up in the characters of the Dubliners Margaret Long depicts. And who, some of them, unfortunately, still walk among us. The destruction of our common humanity through the manipulation of imposed poverty, misogyny, alcoholism and drug abuse, is a major source of our misery, world-wide; and has been for a long time.

    And for our brown and black sons Who are so under attack. They are killing themselves And let us not forget That from Palestine to Los Angeles They are being killed By other youth and grownups, Who are themselves, in essence, Already murdered. Of being so connected To everything in the Universe Except the murdered, The suicides; How long has it been gone? Support Avaaz on this issue! It was a massacre!! The stinking hypocrisy knows no bounds, and no shame. What clashes?? It IS a massacre.

    Another installment of 40 years of Israeli racist brutality and military repression. Avaaz battles racism everywhere. Israel today is an ethnic dictatorship — one of the most brutally racist regimes on the planet. It has become unhinged, and it deserves to be a pariah state. Other states have faced sanctions for far less. Take action to help save Palestinian lives!

    Israel has marched steadily away from reason and peace and towards the far right. Members of Parliament called for the beating of Ahed Tamimi, the young Palestinian girl who slapped a soldier after her young cousin was shot in the face — and the Defence Minister himself ordered to punish her entire family.

    But we love Jews, as we love all people. The holocaust was real, Jews were brutally oppressed and still face anti semitism worldwide. Not just in words, but action. Like extremists everywhere, they dream of a world where sensible people lose their judgment and are pulled into two warring camps, one of which is led by them. It has always calmed me To have them near. I will not lose this, Too much time has passed. Zionist Nazis are not the Jews I know; terrorists who would and do Kill anyone and anything To get what they want: Control over everyone.

    I will never be divided from my friends No matter how bad Zionist Nazis are making Jews look. What happened to Japanese -Americans during that war, uprooted and forced to relocate in barren deserts, and other such desolate places, is an unknown among most Americans. Partly this is because the Japanese- Americans, ashamed to have been treated so badly by white, European- Americans, rarely, if ever, wanted members of their communities to talk about it.

    But also, there was, there must have been, the belief that the suffering and humiliation they endured would eventually be forgotten.